What is Mahaentrance.com about?


What is Mahaentrance Website About?

A life represents life .what a simple analogy to the concept we live daily this is not just a sentence, but, a formation of experience at its core by human beings like you who were at some time in their life were at cross roads of career, where you are standing today, pondering over which direction to be chosen, for leading a successful and balanced life at the same time. 

Year 2000 and 2004 were the hallmarks of education system in Maharashtra , where common entrance test for medical and engineering admission respectively was started by directorate of medical and technical in above mention years.
We the founder of this unique website still remember the days of our common entrance test, where we were starting at the career cross roads of life, no sign board or you can say very few of them were guiding us or rather say directing on the career path way.
By our own experience there we reached a conclusion it is not the result which matters, but, the process through which it is being approached.

By  our own experience there we reached a conclusion it is not the result which matters,  but, the process through which it is being approached. Some times I amazed why  some students get best score and some gets poor, having same study materials  (text books, notes and extra materials). The problem is not in their study materials.  The problem is in students study process. Some students concentrate 100% in  classes and on study (reading, writing). But some do not concentrate in class  and on study. This is one of the reasons of getting poor result. Hence we are  here to guide you and help you for your bright future.  Also we try to solve many problems at the 11th  standard level for the getting bright score in 12th .Like, apply for  cast certificate (category students) in 11th standard only so that  it will get at the mid 12th standard so future problem like rejection;  conversion of category to open will be avoided.

At our times we were and did just, what they call as result like Arjuna, the archer, but, we forget to understand the other intricate details like: his distance from the target, strength required to release the arrow from the bow etc.
Common entrance test is the same. It being the target and see yourself at the position of Arjuna.
But the Arjuna residing in you supposed to understand following intricate details to hit the bull's eye:

  • Entrance Examination important dates, patterns, and scopes.
  • Procedures of entrance examinations 
  • Career options, scopes for various streams for students
  • Government scholarships schemes, other scholarships information
  • College’s lists and Documents required at various admission process.
  • Information of different industrial, vocational courses
  • Procedures for admission in various colleges through entrance examinations 
  • Help you in filling of option from in order to hit the bull’s eye as per the constraints experiences dreams.

If we start documenting, who knows your time will be taken away just to know the process of this very creation without even fulfilling those purpose of yours which made you to logon to mahaentrance.com.
We would like to wish students who are entering the area of career life a very good luck while pursuing the same, don’t forget to pay back to your country , community, society, family by application of your knowledge gained.
To end , Mahaentrance do believe in nothing is impossible, so we will keep on striving to provide you best of the knowledge and it is a journey which has to walked by all of us together so ever if we only lose our direction it is a humble request  of ours to guide us through your sincere recommendations, criticisms comments and feedback.