The  selection for medical of  the  candidates  will  be  made  on  the  basis  of  preferences  given  by  the candidates.
Selection Process shall be as follows:

  • The  preference  form  shall  be  available  at  the  office  of  the  Regional  Centre  as  per notified schedule. The duly filled preference form should be submitted at the same office.
  • The candidate  should  submit  only  one  preference  form.  Submission  of  more than one form shall lead to disqualification.The  selection  will  be  on  the  basis  of  merit  and  the preferences  submitted  by  the  candidates  in  their  preference  form.
  • Based on preferences given, the seat will be allotted on merit and the allotment will be displayed on website of DMER i.e.“”.
  • 2.2.5 Candidates as per allotment should report alongwith all original certificates and a set of attested photocopies of each documents at allotted college as per the schedule.
  •  While filling the seats for any college/Institution state seats (30%) shall be filled first followed  by  regional  seats  (70%).  The  seats  for  the  MKB  shall  be  available  as  per state merit list only. The seats for Defence category shall be allotted regionwise.
  •  All  India  quota  seats  (15%  AIEE  quota  seats)  surrendered  back  to  the  state  shall retain their original character. Vacancies under GOI Quota shall be filled in by 30% OPEN category candidates.
  •  Reserved Category Candidates  - "Ear-Marking":  Reserve category candidate entitled to admission  on  the  basis  of  merit in an open category seat will have the option of taking admission either against his / her respective category seat or on an open category seat. If  he  / she opts for the reserved category he / she will be deemed to have been admitted as an open category candidate and not as reserve category   candidate.
  • The  vacancy  position  will  be  made available  on website  of  DMER  i.e.  “”  before  commencement  of  the next round.