Career Path

Career Path after 12th

What is career  path after 12th science? We need to take a number of steps to make sure that we're headed towards the right kind of career courses after 12th commerce,science,PCB, PCM that will give us the sort of satisfaction that we want and desire. In a nutshell, the prime step in career guidance is being able to identify and measure your particular strengths and talents. Everyone has specific abilities and talents even if they don't sometimes believe that they do which make them unique and individual. Yes, we all have particular talents!

The first step you need to take when looking for a career path is to identify what exactly your goal is and where you want to go ahead in your life.
Ask yourself first these questions for selecting career path after 12th,

  • What is your interest?
  • Which subject do you like more?
  • What is your goal in your life?
  • What direction should you head?
  • What subjects should you choose?
  • What training should you want to do?
  • What careers might give you the most satisfaction?
  • What jobs might suit you best?

Indeed, we will have a number of jobs in our work life, but generally speaking, those jobs will be in the one ball-park or in areas that continue to utilize our strengths, assets and abilities.
Career Path is your personalized guide to exploring many of the most popular career options and discovering the pathways that leads to those options. If you are currently college student, you’ll have an opportunity to learn about:

  • Your interest of area, subject etc
  • Career descriptions and benefits
  • Advancement and future job opportunities, and related job titles
  • Courses to take while in degree colleges
  • How participating colleges can lead to your career selection
  • Income potential of selected career

In this section we are exploring all career fields, branches so that you will be able to think in different way to choose your right career after 12th.